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Advantage Mobile Recycling Leduc

Shred or Grind Waste Wood with Advantage Mobile Recycling

Advantage Mobile Recycling grinds your waste wood and other organic material stockpiles down to size, anywhere you need it, right across Western Canada.

We can:Wood shreddeing

  • Provide sawmill, demo site and landfill cleanup

  • Save you time in material handling

  • Maximize trucking loads and minimize handling costs

  • Save you money on storage and transportation bills

  • Advantage Mobile Recycling has all the heavy equipment needed, like this Doppstadt DW3060KF, to take on any shredding challengeReduce labour costs with easier-to-manage material

  • Process material on demolition sites, even those with concrete contamination

  • Reduce your stress knowing the job will be done right





                                  Recover Costs From Your Wood Waste!

Advantage Mobile Waste Material Shredding/Grinding
Makes Molehills Out of Mountains



Site cleanup is always a hassle and takes considerable time, space and resources to complete. Advantage Mobile Recycling will reduce your mountain of non-metal/non-concrete material into much more manageable, bite-sized pieces. Convert a stack of sprawling deadfall into easily handled crumble, end product can then be uased as ground cover, hog fuel, or animal bedding.

Advantage Mobile Recycling uses a Doosan DX225LC like this one to load material for shredding.Advantage Mobile Recycling has all the equipment necessary to shrink your waste material problems down to size. Shredding messy mounds of waste material down into neat, easy-to-manage fibre for simple removal, transport or storage. 

Processed fibre can easily be handled with loaders and dump trucks and is compact enough to be stored in the smallest space possible.

Advantage can help with:

  • Disaster clean-up
  • Concrete crushing
  • Jobsite remediation
  • Logging site maintenance
  • Sanitary Landfill partical size reduction for increased lifespan


Servicing Western Canada


Advantage Mobile Recycling offers fair price waste material grinding and shredding in British Columbia

British Columbia

Adavatage Mobile Recycling delivers money-saving waste material shredding and grinding to Alberta and the rest of Western Canada


Alberta Mobile Recycling features priced to please waste material grinding and shredding in Saskatchewan


Advantage Mobile Recycling specializes in grinding and shredding wood and otther waste material in Manitoba


  Advantage Mobile Recycling Services

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Shredding Waste Material

Makes Space, Makes Sense


"easier to manage"
After a fire swept through our community, Advantage Mobile Recycling turned the massive amounts of debris into a much easier to manage form which we could truck to an area needing fill material.

~ Leslie D.
"saves us on waste transportation"
We routinely use Advantage Mobile Recycling for our site clean up projects which saves us on waste transportation and material handling costs.

~ Terry B.
"We couldn't be happier"
After you Advantage folks worked your magic, our county landfill site was given a new lease on life which saved our taxpayers thousands of dollars. We couldn't be happier with their level of service.

~ Pat M.