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A Doppstadt material shredder reduces large piles of scrap material into easy to handle shred.

Advantage Mobile Recycling - Wise Waste Management in the New Millennium

Make mountains of waste wood, construction scraps and disaster-damaged materials disappear with our mighty mobile material shredder. With our tough, top-of-the-line equipment, we can reduce the largest industrial messes into much more manageable pieces, perfect for containerization, transport, storage and/or elimination. If you have a heap of hard-to-handle material, let Advantage Mobile Recycling get to the bottom of it.

The business end of a Doppstadt material shredder can chew large timbers into tiny bits.


With over 20 years of conscientious service dedicated to the Western Canadian energy sector, Advantage Mobile Recycling is poised to take that expertise and apply it to site remediation and material disposal projects to help your company prosper.

Convert Scrap Logs and Sawmill Waste Into Cash!

Besides turning your inconvenient, unsightly, piles of wood waste into easier-to-manage, cheaper-to-transport chips and shavings, the newly formed crumble is actually a highly-prized material known as "Hog Fuel". This material is extremely popular in many diversified industries and is used, among other things, for

  • fuel,

  • landscaping filler,

  • animal feed,

  • and for surfacing paths and running tracks

"Ask Advantage how you can make money back on your reclamation and recycling efforts."


Advantage Mobile Recycling uses a Doosan bucket loader to move mountains of material quickly and efficiently.

"Grind and shred your waste challenges down to size, including wood, concrete and other demolition, waste site and natural disaster cleanup materials."


Shredded waste saves on LABOUR, TRANSPORTATION, STORAGE and MORE



Advantage Mobile Recycling offers fair price waste material grinding and shredding in British Columbia

British Columbia

Adavatage Mobile Recycling delivers money-saving waste material shredding and grinding to Alberta and the rest of Western Canada


Alberta Mobile Recycling features priced to please waste material grinding and shredding in Saskatchewan


Advantage Mobile Recycling specializes in grinding and shredding wood and otther waste material in Manitoba


Advantage Mobile Recycling Mission Statement

"Advantage Mobile Recycling's goal is to provide our clients with flexible, on-site service options to aid in material volume reduction for simpler management of waste material at a fair price."







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Shredding Waste Material

Makes Space, Makes Sense

"easier to manage"
After a fire swept through our community, Advantage Mobile Recycling turned the massive amounts of debris into a much easier to manage form which we could truck to an area needing fill material.

~ Leslie D.
"saves us on waste transportation"
We routinely use Advantage Mobile Recycling for our site clean up projects which saves us on waste transportation and material handling costs.

~ Terry B.
"We couldn't be happier"
After you Advantage folks worked your magic, our county landfill site was given a new lease on life which saved our taxpayers thousands of dollars. We couldn't be happier with their level of service.

~ Pat M.