Frequently Asked Questions

Q How does shredding waste save money?

A Grinding large timbers and other bulky waste products into tiny pieces means the amount of space the material takes up much smaller. This significantly reduces the volume of the scrap, making it much easier to containerize for storage, transport and reuse. Wood waste is converted to "Hog Fuel" and can be a cheap source of fuel to use or sell.

Q What types of material can you shred?

A Our super heavy duty material grinding and shredding machines can accommodate massive quantities of wood as well as other dense materials, construction scrap and demolition debris, including concrete and metal.

Q What geographic region do you operate in?

A Advantage Mobile Recycling will take on material reduction projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. With our fleet of mobile material moving and shredding machinery, Advantage has the equipment to go where they are needed for site clean-up, remediation and reclamation.

Q Can you remediate sawmill sites which have been contaminated with rock and steel?

A Sawmill sites are an Advantage Mobile Recycling specialty, even with mixed material contamination. Utilizing our density seperators we can remove contaminants and recover useful fibre.

Q Is there any value in the end product after it has been ground into a shredded form?

A Absolutely! Wood fibre is a much sought-after material for a number of purposes including making fuel and for numerous landscaping applications.
"easier to manage"
After a fire swept through our community, Advantage Mobile Recycling turned the massive amounts of debris into a much easier to manage form which we could truck to an area needing fill material.

~ Leslie D.
"saves us on waste transportation"
We routinely use Advantage Mobile Recycling for our site clean up projects which saves us on waste transportation and material handling costs.

~ Terry B.
"We couldn't be happier"
After you Advantage folks worked your magic, our county landfill site was given a new lease on life which saved our taxpayers thousands of dollars. We couldn't be happier with their level of service.

~ Pat M.