Advantage: Wood Shredding and Grinding

Reliable Material Reduction Services When the Chips Are Down

Wood Waste Shredding/Grinding

 Advantage Mobile Recycling can grind trees, logs, stumps, scrap lumber and railway ties into a more convenient form that's easier and less expensive to handle, to store or transport. Convert your wood waste or contaminated wood fibre to a usable commodity. Whether you're on a right of way, logging block, in a log yard, or at a landfill, Advantage Mobile Recycling has all the equipment necessary to take your project on at a price you can afford.


"Our management is proud to have provided decades of service to the Western Canadian energy and resource extraction industry and know they can reduce your large stockpile of wood waste to a usable size."




Concrete Crushing

Advantage Mobile Recycling can quickly and professionally break down the discarded concrete waste to a once again usable commodity. Turn your waste into usable aggregates  for sale as road base, or top off your commercial yards with recycled concrete instead of gravel.  

Landfill Reclamation

Shredding  waste material into a more compact form means a huge reduction in the volume of landfilled material. The impact of reducing the physical footprint of landfilled material includes:


  • An unshredded mound of trash shows how shredding can reduce waste material volume in sanitary landfills.Significantly stretching the lifespan of older landfills by concentrating material within cells to allow room for increased capacity
  • Push back the need for new site engineering, land acquisition and site preparation costs,
  • Ensure waste storage space is used in the most efficient manner possible,
  • Ensure waste material has been reduced to a much safer form.
  • Allows for better compaction and a more stable foundation after cell closure and return to a natural setting.




Advantage Mobile Recycling offers fair price waste material grinding and shredding in British Columbia

British Columbia

Adavatage Mobile Recycling delivers money-saving waste material shredding and grinding to Alberta and the rest of Western Canada


Alberta Mobile Recycling features priced to please waste material grinding and shredding in Saskatchewan


Advantage Mobile Recycling specializes in grinding and shredding wood and otther waste material in Manitoba



Advantage Mobile Recycling Services

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Shredding Waste Material

Makes Space, Makes Sense


"easier to manage"
After a fire swept through our community, Advantage Mobile Recycling turned the massive amounts of debris into a much easier to manage form which we could truck to an area needing fill material.

~ Leslie D.
"saves us on waste transportation"
We routinely use Advantage Mobile Recycling for our site clean up projects which saves us on waste transportation and material handling costs.

~ Terry B.
"We couldn't be happier"
After you Advantage folks worked your magic, our county landfill site was given a new lease on life which saved our taxpayers thousands of dollars. We couldn't be happier with their level of service.

~ Pat M.